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"My name is Mike Procopio and I am the Director of Player Development for the Dallas Mavericks. I needed a database that could track our player workouts and could give us an edge on our competition. Mark developed a solution that made the tracking of our player workouts very thorough and simple to use. I would recommend anyone that is looking to have a database created quickly and to the point to use Mark as he made the process easy for us and was available around the clock with great customer support and feedback."


Mike Procopio
Director of Player Development
Dallas Mavericks


"Our law firm quickly realized that none of the "off the shelf" software products were able to provide our firm with the features that we needed to run our business and serve our clients. Therefore, our firm set out to build a customized, comprehensive database that encompassed every aspect of our business.  Mark was there with us every step of the way - throughout the development of several modules within the program, and also with ongoing maintenance and development of the program.  Mark is great to work with, and his development expertise really made our vision come to fruition.  I would highly recommend him to anyone with FileMaker development and maintenance needs."

Chelsea Green
Chief Operating Officer
Klemchuk LLP


"As the Global Sales manager for Bendheim’s Architectural Glass and Bendheim Wall Systems division, I am constantly looking at ways to make our databases work more effectively. Mark is not only very quick to respond to my change requests but he takes the time to understand our business and suggests other improvements that will help us work more efficiently.  His fees are extremely reasonable and best of all, Mark is patient with problem solving and consulting with us one on one. He’s a tremendous resource and I would highly recommend him to anyone searching for a FileMaker Developer. " 

Laila Slesers
Global Sales Manager, Architectural Glass Division


"I am the Program Director of the Louisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling’s Helpline operation. I have been with the organization for over ten years. At one point, we needed to customize and streamline our data management. Thankfully, we were able to do just that with FileMaker Pro software and custom development and on going support from Mark Jeffords. It has made our system so much easier to manage and has allowed us to take on new contracts without worry. "

Thanks again, Mark!

Colleen Leonard, MA, LAC, CCGC, AADC

Program Director
Shreveport, Louisiana


"Our situation is very different from any other that I know. We have two separate companies operating independently. We wanted a product that would combine as many of the duplicate duties as possible. Mark Jeffords and FileMaker Pro software saved us time and money. Mark developed a custom data management solution for us that eliminated at least 80 man hours a week. They developed the software to accomplish exactly what we had envisioned, then continued to improve the program to a level we never thought possible. Mark and his team took the necessary time and trouble to develop not only what we asked for, but improved it beyond our expectations."

Thanks Mark!
Curt Richmond, President
American Service Center

 "Mark designed the database that is a central, indispensable element to the operation of our business. When we met Mark we had a basic idea of how the database would work but he suggested and created many features we would have never thought of. Over the years we have saved many thousands of dollars more than we paid for his services."

Robert Bestor
President Gemut Travel


"We have a family-owned small chain of interior fabric stores with a large of amount of inventory to manage. Having no real technical expertise within the company, Mark Jeffords has been a God-send for us in helping organize our databases and streamline our operations. We previously had three different office personnel working independently in three separate software applications, which often required duplicate (and triplicate) data entry and much wasted time. Mark came in evaluated our current system and offered innovative and user-friendly solutions that have been invaluable both for the administrative team and to our seven retail stores. Mark has been readily available to help us on a number of projects over the last several years, and we will gladly continue to call on him."

Charlie Allen
Operations Mgr.


"The original database Mark created for us has grown into three, supporting three separate departments that require a degree of information sharing. Additionally, Mark has integrated our website as well as a third party vendor web application into FileMaker. This provides our company with significant flexibility and leverages data throughout our organization. Now, when department heads come up with an idea to improve the system the cry across the room is, “ask Mark”!

In our highly competitive industry, running faster and better than the other guy is an imperative. Mark’s creativity and quick understanding of our business needs, continues to translate to a swifter, leaner, data rich service provider.

Our approach has never stumped Mark and I would encourage anyone looking to improve the management of data in their company to “ask Mark”. "

Alan Palmer
COO- Amcat Adjusting Services
Coppell, Texas